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Tweet like a hacker. cltwitter is a command-line utility for posting updates to Twitter written in C. cltwitter uses the OAuth authorization scheme, mitigating the need for passwords to be sent across the wire.


Example usage

Supplying Twitter message on the command line:

$ tweet "Hello Twitter!"

Supplying Twitter message on standard input (here piping from the UNIX command fortune):

$ fortune | tweet

Using the tab-completion feature:

$ tweet "@s<TAB>
@sourcebits @spolsky

Posting images to Twitpic:

$ tweet "An image says more than a thousand tweets." ~/images/birdhouse.jpg

Upload, but do not tweet:

$ tweet "This is a photo." ~/images/photo.jpg --upload-only

Get it

Installation instructions

Consult the README document provided with the source package for all the how-tos and know-hows.

Found bugs? Want to contribute?

Bugs should be reported here. If you want to contribute code, the preferred way is to fork the project on GitHub, make your changes and send me a pull request.



cltwitter is free software licensed under the GNU General Public License, version 3. If you enjoy reading legal mumbo jumbo, check out the COPYING document provided with the source package.